Signs & Wonders Ltd is a fast-growing company whose aim is to ensure that everyone has equal access in all areas of life.

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We aim to ensure that all your needs are met.

We recognise that the world around us is not accessibility friendly and the focus is often put on the disability. Here we focus on empowering the individual to overcome barriers whilst promoting independence at every turn.

Our managing director, Holly Ferrie, is currently registered as a Registered Sign Language Interpreter. She has had many years experience working in education and has assisted in running an agency in the past. She first set up Signs & Wonders Ltd when she recognised the growing need for providers of non-medical support workers in a range of settings, but particularly in universities. Together with a small team of freelance interpreters she began to provide a service to students in a local university. Soon the demand started to grow and so the team had to grow to match. Holly is still the only full time worker at the company but she now has a large team of freelancers working for her all over the south east of England.

No longer only providing interpreters for Deaf people, Signs & Wonders Ltd has grown to provide a range of support workers to people with all manner of disabilities, which is why we’ve chosen to be known as an Accessibility Agency, more than just an interpreting agency.

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