Audit & Lack Of Blogging

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As many of you are already aware, Signs & Wonders Ltd are registered with DSA-QAG. What you may not know, is this requires an annual audit…

As quite a new company, this is our first ever audit and while it’s been stressful, good has come from it. Tightening up our security by introducing password protected emails where necessary; putting together a short online training course for all the freelancers we work with to excel their professional practice; and creating a handbook for them too for guidance and training. These are just a few examples!

What is DSA-QAG?

DSA-QAG stands for Disabled Students Allowance Quality Assurance Group. We’re registered as an NMH Provider. This means we provide ‘Non Medical Helpers’ to students in colleges and universities who are entitled to a DSA. Some DSAs are awarded for training or technical support; others for costs and expenses only incurred because of a disability; and then there are the Non Medical Helper DSAs.

What is a Non Medical Helper?

DSAs for NMHs cover the cost of people whose specialist skills meet a need for the student. For example, this could be a notetaker or interpreter. The job they do isn’t medical, they’re not doctors or carers. It’s not specifically to educate, they’re not teachers. However, it is vital to give the student access to their course.

How can I get a DSA?

If you think you could benefit from a DSA then speak to your course provider about how to arrange a DSA Needs Assessment. They should be able to put you in contact with your local Needs Assessment Centre.

I think I could be an NMH – what should I do?

Perhaps you think you could offer a NMH service? Please ahead over to our ‘Join Us‘ page and complete the form. You should hear back from us in 1-2 working days with all the information you need.

Where’s my handbook?

Or, if you’re one of our existing NMHs and you’re yet to receive your NMH Handbook, please get in touch as soon as possible.

In summary, we’re sorry for the lack of blogging lately! It’s been a busy season for us but with the audit out the way, our blogs will become more frequent.