Christmas is coming and, hopefully, a better New Year

2020 has certainly been a very strange year for us all. It all started off smoothly then, suddenly, everything stopped due to Covid-19! Through two lockdowns, many classrooms have emptied and students and staff have had to adjust to remote working and getting to grips with new technology. We are proud to have continued to […]

Deaf Awareness – Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Have you ever seen a blind person with a guide dog? Did you know that, there is another type of assistance dog for deaf people ? These are called Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a small charity that carefully selects specific dogs to be trained to support deaf people. […]

Deaf Awareness Month – How to include Deaf people?

We are lucky enough to have a Deaf staff member in this team, who has shared some important insight and some dos and don’ts. Don’t panic! First, don’t panic! Many hearing people worry that they don’t know how to interact with a Deaf person. There is nothing to be scared about. We are all human […]

Deaf Awareness Month – Equipment for deaf people

Today, we are focusing on the equipment that may be useful for the Deaf community in businesses, organisations and other settings. Which equipment could be useful for your organisation? Loop System – Click here Emergency call – Click here and here Fire Alarm – Click here Talk to Text App – Click here Enable captions […]

New addition into our team!

We have some special news! Well, there is a very long story but this is the short version. You can fill in the gaps. Here we go… Once upon a time,  a beautiful and humble couple fell in love at a camp site. They got married and were blissfully happy. Years went by. They worked […]

Deaf Awareness Month!

This September is Deaf Awareness month! We plan to mark this with a series of blogs offering tips, useful advice and information to help break down the barriers faced by the Deaf Community. See also our previous blog about communication tips. See our other posts on: Deaf equipment and Technology, Hearing Dogs for the Deaf, […]

Tips for Communication

Tips for Communication during the Covid-19 Are you worried about communicating with Deaf people? Try not to worry too much about communication. Don’t panic! It’s more useful to find the best solution for each individual, including Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.   Here  are a few tips that can help: Mask with clear window […]

Covid-19 Updates at Universities

How are you feeling? We hope you are well and safe during this strange time.  We expect that you may have some concerns about the new academic year. Are you worried about: your support? accessing your course? How can we help? We are following the Government’s and universities’ guidelines. And we will aim to match […]

New Team Member

We have some exciting news to tell you! We are delighted to welcome Steph into our team as our Administrator. Now, let us tell you a little bit about Steph. She is profoundly deaf and bilingual in BSL and English! Steph has plenty of professional experience in many areas. In the past, Steph went to […]

Audit & Lack Of Blogging

As many of you are already aware, Signs & Wonders Ltd are registered with DSA-QAG. What you may not know, is this requires an annual audit… As quite a new company, this is our first ever audit and while it’s been stressful, good has come from it. Tightening up our security by introducing password protected […]