Christmas Is Coming!

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What started out as a quiet, straightforward and easily manageable year is drawing to a close with a bang! Universities starting back in September saw a dramatic increase in the number of students receiving support from Signs & Wonders. Until this point we’d only supported a handful of Deaf students studying at the University of Brighton, but suddenly we were hit with a range of requirements to be filled from all over the south of England. Thankfully this was met by an influx of freelance support workers willing to take on the extra load and so the company has grown from me and a couple of mates, to a thriving network of professionals providing the best support they can.

2019 is looking to continue along the same lines of busyness when the university term begins again, but as for right now? We’re all excited about switching off for the next couple of weeks and enjoying friends, family and fun-filled festivities.

Merry Christmas, Everyone