Deaf Awareness Month – Equipment for deaf people

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Today, we are focusing on the equipment that may be useful for the Deaf community in businesses, organisations and other settings.

Which equipment could be useful for your organisation?

Loop System – Click here

Emergency call – Click here and here

Fire Alarm – Click here

Talk to Text App – Click here

Enable captions on screens

Why is this equipment useful for deaf people?

A portable loop – This will help hearing aid users, who can use their ‘T’ setting to access one-to-one communication in a meeting room, or at a reception area.

Emergency call – This offers security to lone workers and vulnerable people, who can call for help with a push of a button, or using an app on their smart phone.

Fire Alarm – This is really important for residential settings such as hotels and university campuses. This will alert deaf people when the fire alarm sounds, using vibration and a flashing light.

Talk to Text App – This may help communication between hearing and Deaf people especially when wearing a mask. However, the live transcription is generated using automated software and is not always accurate.

Captions – ensure that captions are enabled on all video and audio output, for example, on TV screens in reception areas. Click on the ‘CC’ or similar logo for subtitles or captions, where you can, or check on your network accessibility features. This will benefit all deaf people and provide essential access to your media resources.

Who benefits?

This equipment can help to provide access, inclusion and make deaf people feel safe, welcome and part of your community. Facilitating communication also benefits hearing people, by reducing frustration and making everyone feel included and safe.