Terms and Conditions For Freelance Work

This agreement is made between Signs and Wonders Ltd and Freelance professionals.

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Fees will be paid by the hour with travel expenses to and from the assignment paid on top. Part hours are charged as full hours e.g. a booking from 10.30am until 2.00pm is equal to four full hours and is charged as such.

Travel expenses will be paid per mile if driving, or at ticket value if using public transport. Tickets must be provided as evidence for reimbursement and fuel receipts must be provided upon request. Parking costs shall also be reimbursed on submission of the ticket.

Hourly rates and mileage will both be agreed in writing prior to the booking.

Standard Rates

Standard rates apply during standard working hours which are classed as falling between Monday and Friday, 9.00am to 6.00pm. There is a minimum payment of 2 or 3 hours depending on the assignment. This will be agreed in writing prior to the booking.

Occasional Rates

There may be times when it is necessary to negotiate different rates of pay. e.g. to reflect the complexity of the work or distance travelled. This will be agreed in writing prior to the booking.

Out of Hours Rates

Out of hours rates apply to jobs outside of the standard working hours detailed above and will be negotiated accordingly. Bank Holidays are classed as out of hours. This will be agreed in writing prior to the booking.


Invoices must be submitted via email to info@signsandwonders.org.uk within 45 days of the assignment. Payment of your invoices will be made within 30 days of our approval of your invoice. Invoices received more than 45 days after the date of the assignment will be subject to a 10% deduction of agreed fees.

If completion of a signed timesheet has been requested, this must be submitted alongside your invoice. Payment will not be made unless the associated timesheet has been received.

If the booking over-runs, please inform Signs and Wonders as soon as possible via text or email, or when you submit your invoice at the very latest.


When a booking that has been confirmed in writing is cancelled, you will be paid. Typically for a cancellation with less than 7 days notice the full fee will be paid. For a cancellation between 7 to 14 days notice 50% of the fee will be paid. Some public sector contracts do not have cancellation payments and these will be discussed. For cancellations with more than 14 days’ notice there will be no fee. In line with NRCPD guidelines, we will attempt to offer a replacement booking, regardless of the length cancellation notice given, equivalent in geography and experience level. If this is turned down, the cancellation charge will not be paid, therefore please always be prepared to work. If no replacement booking is offered then fees will be paid as described above.

Working Practice

Subcontractors will be guided by the relevant professional codes of conduct for their profession. You should be guided by the ethical demands of the professional arena in which the assignment takes place. It is crucial that you make every effort to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to the assignment start time. If either the hearing or deaf client has not arrived for commencement of the assignment you should wait for 20 minutes before leaving. Cancellation fees will then apply.

If you arrive late for, or depart early from, a booking, it may be deemed that you are in breach of contract and may forfeit your fee. You have the right to withdraw your services if an assignment is substantially different from that described at the time of the booking and if you feel that to continue to work would be detrimental to your own wellbeing and professional standing or if you feel that to continue working would not be in the best interest of the client.

You have a responsibility to inform Signs and Wonders Ltd at the earliest opportunity if sickness will prevent you from attending a booking. We can be contacted by text on 07702 299312, by email to info@signsandwonders.org.uk. Likewise if you experiences any travel delays, you must contact Signs and Wonders as early as possible so that we can contact the customer and manage their expectations.

Protection of Signs and Wonders Ltd’s Contracts and Interests

It is strenuously stipulated here when undertaking any level of work for Signs and Wonders Ltd that respect is shown to our contractors and clients at all times. Furthermore, there should be no attempt to enter into private consultation or arrangement with such contractors or clients for 6 months after leaving the employment of Signs and Wonders. Any attempt to work with a client privately or through another agency while under the employment of Signs and Wonders or up to 6 months after leaving the employment of Signs and Wonders will be considered an attempt to steal work from the company and will be treated as a malicious breach of contract.