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Tips for Communication during the Covid-19

Are you worried about communicating with Deaf people?

Try not to worry too much about communication. Don’t panic! It’s more useful to find the best solution for each individual, including Deaf and Hard of Hearing people.


HereĀ  are a few tips that can help:
  • Mask with clear window for lip reading
  • Clear full mask visor
  • Paper and pen – write down what you want to say
  • Phone app – voice to text
    • iPhone – use Notes app and press microphone.
    • Android – use Live Translator.
  • Use gestures and visual cues
  • Learn some basic BSL


Due to Covid-19, there are more barriers to communication for deaf people. Masks are also mandatory in many public places. It is more difficult for deaf people to lip read or read your facial expression because you are wearing a mask.

We hope these tips can remove some anxiety and isolation. We encourage you to use these tips to improve your Deaf awareness. And you will be more prepared for communication with deaf people.